There are many reasons why Robert Bernstock has been endorsed for his skills in a number of business leadership areas, including strategic planning, negotiation, team building, leadership, innovation and, especially, change management. Change management is often a key to business success, from Bob Bernstock view. That is because the only constant in any business environment is change. The ability to embrace change makes any business more efficient, effective and profitable. He’s learned that from his experience, too. It’s why he’s been endorsed for his skills in so many areas.

When you look at his track record in industries in the nearly 30 years since 1992, it is no wonder so many public and private companies have chosen Robert Bernstock to serve on their boards of directors. He has that distinction in both the private and public sectors. With his high level of experience, he has proven himself to have a lot of knowledge of corporate strategies and best practices. That comes from having been an executive and/or a director with eight different companies, including three in the Fortune 1000.